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BMC Software expert on rising through seismic changes to thrive in 2025 and beyond

Rabee El Mohammadi, Area Vice President, Emerging Markets (Middle East, Africa, Turkey, Russia & CIS) at BMC Software, tells us how organisations can rise through seismic changes to thrive in 2025 and beyond. How fast is the world moving around us? At unprecedented speed. Seismic changes are bringing uncertainty and leading to fundamental shifts in […]

Editor’s Question: What challenges will data centre leaders face in 2021?

This month’s Editor’s Question focuses on the challenges which data centre leaders should expect to face next year. We hear from four experts. Justin Augat, VP of Marketing at iland Cloud, said IT organisations have long experienced the management and logistics challenges of owning and operating their own data centres. Whether it be responding to […]

Why obtain third party testing and certification on data cables?

As industries increasingly digitalize, the need for reliable data cables is critical. Mark Froggatt, Technical Director at BASEC, outlines the importance of obtaining third party certification when it comes to data communication cables and discusses how the role of cable testing helps ensure only high-quality cable is used within the communications market. In a world […]

How Artificial Intelligence helps Huawei build green data centres

Huawei tells Intelligent CIO how and why it is using Artificial Intelligence in data centres to promote green tech adoption, reduce repetitive work, monitor and manage fragmented resources which might otherwise easily be overlooked. Data centres are being overhauled, revamped and modernised to support Digital Transformation and the power-hungry cloud deployments they contain. Artificial Intelligence […]

Hybrid IT gives way to hybrid power

Robert Linsdell, Managing Director Australia and New Zealand, Vertiv, and Cal Lahteenmaa,  Technical Director, Asia Pacific, Vertiv, highlight the importance of data centre sustainability as organisations continue to invest in hybrid IT and workforces become increasingly virtualised. Given the changes brought on by the impact of the pandemic, hybrid IT has become the talk of […]

12 KPIs you need to monitor to remotely manage your data centre

A combination of new technology trends and changing working models have required data centre professionals to adapt to remote monitoring and management. But this is not without its challenges. Herman Chan, President, Sunbird Software, outlines the 12 KPIs data centre managers need to manage their facilities effectively – and remotely. One of the biggest challenges […]

In the face of ransomware, backup must become unbreakable – but how?

Charles Burger, Global Director of Assureon Solutions at Nexsan, discusses how data management flexibility combined with safe and effective backup is among the most critical capabilities in an organization’s data management strategy. Backup is a core part of any organization’s overall data management strategy, but the ability to simply store and access data is not […]

Huawei expert on how the company is pushing the envelope of AI in the data centre

As organisations accelerate their Digital Transformation strategies, a revamp of existing data centres is often required in order to support power-hungry private cloud and hybrid cloud deployments. Bob He, President of Data Centre Facility, Huawei, tells us how the company is using AI to maximise data centre value for customers, as well as in its […]

Nine must-have dashboards for remote data centre management

With COVID-19 having shifted data centre workforces to remote environments, teams are increasingly harnessing digital tools to provide analytics and insights. Herman Chan, President, Sunbird Software, talks us through nine dashboards which have proven to be essential for successful remote data centre management, and tells us about the benefits of Data Centre Infrastructure Management (DCIM) software for […]

Beware – excessive permissions are the number one cloud threat

Eyal Arazi, of Radware, discusses the major security threats with migrating workloads to public cloud environments. Migrating workloads to public cloud environments opens up organizations to a slate of new, cloud-native attack vectors which did not exist in the world of premise-based data centers. In this new environment, workload security is defined by which users […]

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