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Simply accessing resources to innovate at the edge

Simply accessing resources to innovate at the edge

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Announcing the Fastly Developer Hub, a simple way for developers to access every resource needed to innovate at the edge

Fastly, a provider of an Edge cloud platform, has announced the launch of its new Developer Hub, a central place for developers to easily access all the tools they need to build fast, scalable and secure modern applications on the Fastly Edge cloud platform. Housed within the Developer Hub is a testing sandbox, ready-to-deploy code snippets and a growing repository of structured tutorials, reference materials and documentation. By giving developers at the world’s most innovative companies the tools they need to drive Digital Transformation, the promise of Edge computing becomes more tangible and actionable.

“Fastly’s new Developer Hub is one of the best developer resources we have today,” says Ron Lipke, Platform Engineering Manager at Gannett. “The documentation, code snippets and variety of use cases will save our Edge team the cycles required to develop our own configuration examples. In addition, the attention given to the user experience is readily apparent. The improved navigation will allow our Edge development team to discover and implement self-service solutions much faster. This is a welcome enhancement over Fastly’s already great developer library.”

As a company built by and for developers, Fastly understands how critical good documentation and resources are to the developer experience. Time spent searching for undiscoverable materials is time taken away from optimising sites, streamlining processes or executing on great ideas. With this in mind, the Developer Hub is designed with usability and innovation at the forefront.

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