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Understanding the changing needs of tech talent in 2021

Understanding the changing needs of tech talent in 2021

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The skills shortage is a prominent issue across the technology industry and IT leaders are working to discover new ways to close the gap and appeal to a wider audience. Here, Gerhard Schweinitz of Contino reveals an infographic which offers six secrets to tech recruitment success.

In recent months, a skills shortage in the tech sector has dominated headlines. In May 2021, Contino interviewed 87 Australian technologists to gain insights into their opinion on the future of flexible work and trends in current tech recruitment processes.

Contino’s findings tell the story of how technologists are after a faster interview process with fewer interviews and the ability to work remotely.

  • Over 65% of tech leads and managers think a reasonable time for a job interview should be one to two weeks from first contact, with nearly 20% of developers and engineers thinking the process should take less than one week.
  • Over 63% of engineers, tech leads, managers and technical executives think two interviews are appropriate for a job application.
  • Nearly 40% of technologists, specifically tech leads and managers, are receiving over 10 job approaches on average every year. With over 40% of developers and engineers receiving up to five per year.
  • When COVID-19 restrictions lift, nearly 50% of people surveyed want to continue to primarily work from home, with the option of coming to the office when desired. And, 17% of technologists want to work in the office full-time.
  • Over 70% of respondents think a technical test in a job interview should take one hour and 17% think a technical test isn’t required.
  • Nearly 80% of technologists are keen to work for a Silicon Valley-based company 100% remotely from Australia (regardless of time difference).
  • Similarly, the same majority also said that they would work 100% remotely in another location in Australia.
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