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Data centre operators are critical partners in environmental sustainability

Reaching environmental goals is no longer just an option for data centre leaders as they are required to focus strongly on creating a sustainable future for all. Amanda Sutton, Senior Director of Sustainability, Vantage Data Centers, discusses how to ensure a better and more sustainable future for the world at large and looks beyond just […]

Expert discusses air filters and air conditioning & handling units

Peter Dyment, Technical Manager – Camfil Ltd, discusses the purpose and function of air filters and how they should be best utilised to ensure optimum data centre performance. Data centre reliability is a top priority for data centre leaders and so must be acknowledged and ensured. Air filters must be best positioned to deal with […]

CNet expert discusses the benefits of remote learning

CNet Training’s President and CEO, Andrew Stevens, discusses the benefits of CNet Training’s Live instructor-led Remote Attendance capability. The way in which individuals can learn is constantly evolving. There are now more ways than ever to enhance skills and expand on knowledge that are easily accessible and convenient to the learner and employer. There is […]

An Edge Computing breakup: Out with the old and in with the new

With more and more people working from home as a result of the pandemic, business leaders have been faced with Edge complexities as the scale of Edge Computing use has increased. Dave Russell, Vice President of Enterprise Strategy at Veeam, and Rick Vanover, Senior Director of Product Strategy at Veeam, discuss how Edge Computing will […]

Industry expert discusses getting holistic with air-cooling control

Dr Jon Summers, DCA Advisory Board and Scientific Lead in Data Centres at Research Institutes of Sweden, offers his best practice advice and discusses holistic air-cooling control in depth. When it comes to data centre operation, the control system and strategy that is adopted to keep all the IT systems humming within their desired environmental […]

Six simple yet effective ways to optimise data centre energy efficiency

Operating sustainably is at the top of the agenda for data centre leaders as they aim to become climate-neutral by 2030. James Giblette, Director of Digital Infrastructure – UK & Ireland at Legrand Data Center Solutions, discusses the ways organisations can reduce energy wastage in the data centre and meet sustainability initiatives. In the current […]

CNet offers Masters Degree in association with Anglia Ruskin University

Andrew Stevens, President and CEO, CNet Training, discusses the leading education provider’s prestigious Masters Degree program in Data Centre Leadership and Management, informing us of its benefits, who it’s suitable for and how to apply. Data centres are complex facilities that are expected to deliver faultless service and financial results in a world of rapidly […]

How is immersion cooling technology helping data centre operators to fulfil their sustainability goals?

4D Data Centres, a leading UK-based infrastructure management provider, has announced a partnership with PeaSoup, a pioneering UK cloud provider with a heritage of disrupting the cloud market by the use of innovative technologies. In this partnership, 4D is providing colocation services to host an highly energy-efficient ‘pod’ that uses immersion cooling technology. Both companies […]

The rise of the hyperscale data centre as Digital Transformation causes surge in demand

Alberto Da Anunciacao is the first to fill the role of Chief Infrastructure Officer at Aptum, due to his particular set of expertise and Aptum’s approach to data centre services and cloud technology. Here, Anunciacao suggests the best way for organisations to design their infrastructure and data centre operations around their workload requirements, and tells us […]

The basics of backup: How to avoid disaster

As the amount of data in existence surges, business leaders must ensure they have the correct processes in place to manage it and avoid data loss. A number of industry experts offer their best practice advice on the methods used to prevent data loss and how to make the most of backup strategies. During the […]

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