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Paying attention to data centre storage cooling in 2023

Neil Edmunds, Director of Innovation, Iceotope, explores why cooling solutions are critical in achieving ESG standards and running more efficient operations as a result of the evolving requests we have for data. With constant streams of data emerging from IoT, video, Artificial Intelligence and more, it’s no surprise we are expected to generate 463 exabytes […]

Hydrogen fuel cells and the role they play in data centre design

Euan Cutting, Electrical Engineer, Black & White Engineering, discusses the critical need for decarbonising data centre operations and explores the technological and practical aspects of fuel cells. As data centre operators continually look for ways to decarbonise their business operations, hydrogen has become a highly anticipated solution for storing and releasing low or zero carbon […]

Orchestrating data for a secure world

Complex data environments have encouraged as much Digital Transformation as they have opportunities for bad actors to exploit weak security. Molly Presley, Senior Vice President of Marketing, Hammerspace, offers advice on best practices for organisations to protect sensitive information and the importance of data officers. As organisations embrace Digital Transformation, they become more reliant on […]

Excool: Delivering future-focused data centre innovations

Jon Pettitt, Chief Executive Officer of Excool group of companies, a seasoned expert in data centre design and cooling, delves into the pivotal trends shaping the data centre industry, sheds light on the role of Excool’s innovations in ensuring efficient cooling of data centre operations and underscores the significance of Singapore’s Data Centre World event. […]

Excool: Driving forward sustainable solutions

As organisations strive to optimise their data centre cooling systems, making the right solution choice is crucial. Jon Pettitt, CEO of Excool, sheds light on the distinctiveness of Excool’s approach amid competitors, highlighting its reliable and future-oriented technologies. What problems and challenges occur with traditional cooling systems for data centres? In the past decade, the […]

Art pushes technology: How VAST Data’s solutions accelerate Pixar’s cinematic magic

Pixar’s innovative productions have redefined the boundaries of technology integration in visual storytelling. Its collaboration with VAST has set the foundation for AI-powered cinematography while allowing quick adaptation to evolving artistic needs. Eric Bermender, Head of Data Center and IT Infrastructure, Pixar, discusses the data centre’s capacity for artistic growth. VAST Data, a data platform company for […]

Harnessing the power of AI: Paving the way for sustainable data centres

Terry Storrar, Managing Director, Leaseweb UK, explains how data centre operators can utilise Artificial Intelligence (AI) for sustainability practices while emphasising the significance of human expertise alongside AI. With sustainability high on the boardroom agenda of public and private sector organisations everywhere, CIOs are focused on reducing the environmental impact of the IT function itself. […]

The data centre operators investing in DDoS mitigation

Maintaining uptime is crucial for the smooth operation of a data centre, however, avoiding the Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) threat can be extremely challenging and requires stringent security measures and up-to-date IT equipment. Adrian Taylor, VP EMEA at A10 Networks, discusses the preventative impact that DDoS mitigation can have not only for data centre operators but […]

How will extreme weather conditions influence cooling operations?

According to The Copernicus Climate Change Service (C3S), temperatures for Europe show long-term warming trends for both annual and seasonal averages. Although, this isn’t the only region suffering as extreme weather hit all seven continents in July 2023. The intense conditions are a problem impossible to ignore.   Recent data revealed that data centres account for […]

Vantage Data Centers emphasises global commitment to sustainability, equity and safety in ESG report

The company’s environmental, social and governance report highlights worldwide strategy to reduce carbon emissions across all scopes, encourage diversity and inclusion and achieve ‘Vision Zero’ as part of its environmental health and safety programme. Vantage Data Centers, a leading global provider of hyperscale data centre campuses, has released its second annual Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) […]

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